Galloway For Missouri Releases Three New TV Ads

September 10, 2020

Columbia, MO —Today, Galloway For Missouri released three new television ads highlighting Nicole Galloway’s independent record as State Auditor and her commitment to lowering healthcare costs and keeping Missouri’s communities safe. 

In “First Thing,” Auditor Galloway holds Governor Parson accountable for cutting healthcare from 100,000 kids and says her top priority as Governor will be to lower healthcare costs. The ad comes out a day after Auditor Galloway put out her new plan to lower healthcare costs for Missouri’s working families, enshrine protections for pre-existing conditions into law, and expand access to care. In “Mom,” Auditor Galloway rebuts Governor Parson and his allies’ lies about her record — which have been found false by an independent fact checker. In “Independent,” Galloway talks about her record as State Auditor of uncovering three hundred fifty million dollars – stolen or wasted by corrupt politicians.

Watch “First Thing”: 

Watch “Mom”:

Watch “Independent”:


Galloway For Missouri is still the only Missouri gubernatorial campaign to air television ads — a clear sign of momentum. Powered by grassroots donations, Auditor Galloway has twice outraised Governor Parson by a 2:1 margin — giving her the resources to reach voters across the state. And since March, Inside Elections, The Cook Political Report, U.S. News and World ReportDaily Kos and Sabato’s Crystal Ball have all rated the Missouri gubernatorial race as more competitive and downgraded Governor Parson’s election chances.


First Thing” Transcript:

Two years ago, Mike Parson made a terrible decision: he cut healthcare from a hundred thousand Missouri children.

Now, even in this pandemic, Parson refuses to make healthcare more affordable.

As Governor, that’s the very first thing I’ll do. 


Mom” Transcript:

I’m State Auditor Nicole Galloway. 

And I work hand-and-hand with law enforcement to lock up corrupt politicians.

So Mike Parson’s claims I want to defund the police are simply false. 

As Governor -- and as a Mom -- nothing is more important than keeping all our communities safe. 


Independent” Transcript: 


The Taxpayer’s Watchdog 

As State Auditor, Nicole Galloway uncovered three hundred fifty million dollars – stolen or wasted by corrupt politicians.

As Governor, she’ll make sure the money goes to your schools, your jobs, your health care.


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