Galloway for Missouri Releases New Ad Highlighting Auditor Galloway’s Commitment to Lowering Healthcare and Prescription Drug Costs — and Governor Parson’s Failures on COVID-19

September 26, 2020

Columbia, Mo. — Today, Galloway for Missouri released “Even Now,” a new television ad highlighting the contrast between Governor Mike Parson’s record of opposing expanding access to affordable healthcare, and Auditor Galloway, who amidst a deadly pandemic is running to lower healthcare and prescription drug costs and expand Medicaid. 

Watch “Even Now” here:


Missouri is in crisis — and needs change. The White House Coronavirus Task Force has put the state in the red zone, new COVID-19 cases are up, and hospitalizations are rising. Yet amidst this deadly pandemic, Governor Parson and his hand-picked Attorney General are part of a lawsuit that would overturn Medicaid expansion and end protections for Missourians with pre-existing conditions. In stark contrast, Auditor Galloway has put out a substantive plan to lower health care costs, bring down the price of prescription drugs, and expand Medicaid — without raising taxes or cutting critical services


Narrator: Missouri is in the Red Zone.

Covid cases up.

Hospitalizations up

Everyone worried about their health care.

Yet even now, Mike Parson opposes protection for pre-existing conditions.

Even now, he opposes Medicaid expansion.

Even now, he takes drug company money and let’s them increase prices. 

We need change.

Nicole Galloway: My plan lowers costs, expands Medicaid without raising taxes, and covers our kids. As Governor, my highest priority will be lowering your healthcare costs.

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