Auditor Nicole Galloway statement following violence directed at law enforcement and property destruction in Missouri

June 2, 2020

Columbia, Mo.  Auditor Nicole Galloway today made the following statement:

“Faith teaches us that it is impossible to heal what is ignored. Missouri has witnessed powerful examples of healing through countless acts of unity, with citizens and law enforcement standing in solidarity, wanting change. But, we have also observed instances of inexcusable violence and property destruction that inhibit healing and discount the collective call for justice. These appalling acts included the shooting of four officers, and the death of 77-year-old David Dorn, a retired SLMP captain and Moline Acres Police Chief. My prayers are with the Dorn family and the community of Moline Acres as they mourn the loss of a public servant and attempt to comprehend this senseless act. Let me be clear - if we are serious about furthering solutions to resolve generations of injustice, violence is not the answer. Our children deserve to live in a Missouri that is fair and accountable to all of its citizens, and we must work together on clear policy solutions to make this a reality.”


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