Auditor Nicole Galloway Releases Opportunity Agenda for Black Missourians

June 24, 2020

Columbia, Mo.  Today, Auditor Nicole Galloway released “Missouri Opportunity: An Agenda for Black Missourians” — a comprehensive policy framework that will invest in Missouri’s Black communities, reform the state’s criminal justice system, ensure healthcare for Black Missourians, and protect voting rights. The agenda seeks to build a Missouri that is fair and accountable to Black Missourians and was developed as part of ongoing conversations with Black activists, community leaders, concerned citizens, legislators, and members of clergy. 

Read the policy agenda here.

“I believe that Missouri’s Black lives matter. Our children deserve to live in a Missouri that is fair and accountable to all of its citizens. As a state we must not just say Black Lives Matter in the street but show it with the executive actions we take and the laws we pass,” said Auditor Nicole Galloway. “For too long, Jefferson City has prioritized the interests of insiders and special interests and failed Black Missourians. I’m running for Governor to put Jefferson City back on the side of Missouri’s working families.”

“Auditor Galloway’s commitment to Black Missourians is reflected in a comprehensive agenda that aims to tackle racial disparities and discrimination that existed in our state for too long. Auditor Galloway is not afraid to declare that Black Lives Matter and has laid out a vision to ensure Missouri laws uphold this conviction. I look forward to working with her in the Governor’s office to build a safer, fairer, and more inclusive Missouri.” Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II 

“Raised by a single mother, I learned firsthand that life does not always guarantee a fair shake – Black Missourians know this fate all too well. Far too often, Black Missourians have seen their potential and well being  constrained by zip codes that lack meaningful investment and opportunity. The status quo that is commonplace in Jefferson City will not move the needle for our most distressed communities. We need a new generation of leaders with transformative ideas and an inclusive vision for Missouri, and I am confident that Auditor Galloway is that leader.” Missouri state Senator Brian Williams

The ambitious new proposal includes policies that will expand opportunity for Black Missourians, ensure racial justice, and dismantle racist structures that have existed in the state for generations. As governor, Galloway will take action to:

  • REFORM MISSOURI’S CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: Galloway will implement measures that increase transparency and accountability in law enforcement through strong oversight, local control, and reform of policing practices.
  • MAKE PROTECTIONS AGAINST RACIAL DISCRIMINATION THE LAW: Galloway will put protections against racial discrimination in the Missouri Constitution and increase protections in the workplace and in housing.
  • INCREASE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY FOR BLACK COMMUNITIES: More economic development opportunities for Black entrepreneurs that address the needs of underserved communities.
  • GREATER ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE: Medicaid expansion, community-based care, and lower costs for prescription drugs.
  • EXPANDED ACCESS TO VOTING: Ending the notary requirement, expanded vote by mail, early vote, and automatic voter registration.


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