Auditor Nicole Galloway Releases New Plan to Lower Healthcare Costs and Expand Access to Care for Working Missourians

September 9, 2020

Columbia, Mo. — Today, State Auditor Nicole Galloway released a new plan to lower healthcare costs for working Missourians and expand access to affordable, quality care. 

Read the entire plan here.

The policy — titled “Lowering Costs and Expanding Access to Healthcare For Missouri Families” — would end the Parson administration's healthcare purge of Missouri children and families, lower prescription drug costs, tackle the rising cost of healthcare, enshrine protections for Missourians with pre-existing conditions into state law, address the addiction and mental health crises, and implement Medicaid expansion without raising taxes or cutting services.

“Missouri families need healthcare coverage that isn’t eating up more-and-more of their paycheck; and they need access to quality care close to home,” said Auditor Nicole Galloway. “As Governor, my focus will be on lowering the cost of healthcare for Missouri families - especially as we build our way back from this pandemic.”

The plan’s key elements include:

  • Ending the Parson administration’s health insurance purges of Missouri children and families 

  • Enshrining into state law protections for Missourians with pre-existing conditions

  • Lowering prescription drug prices for working Missourians by creating the Missouri Prescription Drug Contracting Alliance

  • Taking action to lower healthcare costs for Missouri’s working families

Under Governor Parson and years of rule by Jefferson City insiders, Missouri has struggled to provide affordable, quality healthcare to working families. The cost of healthcare for Missourians with private insurance is rising.  Missouri is one of the worst states in the country for meeting the healthcare needs of its residents, ranking 41st in the nation according to US News and World Report. Governor Parson’s refusal to expand Medicaid has denied health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Missourians and led in part to the closure of at least seven rural hospitals in recent years. During his time in office, Governor Parson kicked 100,000 Missouri children off of their healthcare. The Show Me State also lacks the resources to attack the state’s mental health crisis —  57 rural counties in Missouri that have no licensed psychologists or psychiatrists.

Auditor Galloway would reverse Governor Parson’s failures on healthcare by implementing Medicaid expansion — without raising taxes — and taking concerted action to lower costs for working families. The latest policy builds upon the healthcare policies outlined in Auditor Galloway’s Missouri Opportunity: An Agenda For Black Missourians released in June and her COVID-19 action plan released earlier this month.


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