Auditor Galloway calls for activation of a COVID-19 Response Command Center and increased coordination with public health experts

March 16, 2020

Columbia, Mo. — Auditor Nicole Galloway is calling on Governor Parson to activate a COVID-19 Response Command Center in order to increase the flow of information to Missouri citizens about the state’s response to the pandemic. Governors across the country are providing daily updates on testing results and emergency response planning. Missourians need a consistent flow of information and want transparency around the administration’s coordination with state and local agencies.

Additionally, Galloway is recommending that the state enlist epidemiological and public health experts as on-going advisors to state leaders throughout the duration of the public health emergency. Missouri should begin to prepare for a significant strain on healthcare facilities and local public health resources. 

“This public health emergency requires activation of a centralized COVID-19 Response Command Center for coordination of local first responders and public health officials,” said Galloway. “The Governor and his office must then provide regular updates to the public on the progression of the outbreak, the state’s response, and recommendations from experts. I am hearing from healthcare providers, local officials, and parents who are looking for guidance and a consistent flow of information, which a centralized command center enables.”

In past emergency and disaster declarations, Missouri has activated the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). The SEOC has been activated pursuant to a Governor’s emergency or disaster declaration. Daily briefings have informed Missourians about the state’s coordinated response. In Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker initiated a COVID-19 Response Command Center to serve as a “single point of strategic decision making and coordination for the Administration’s comprehensive COVID-19 response.” Such a command center could be initiated using the Governor’s authority under his emergency declaration.


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