As Missouri’s State Auditor, Nicole Galloway has been the taxpayers’ independent watchdog. She’s uncovered more than $370 million in wasted or stolen taxpayer money and has partnered with law enforcement to bring more than 75 criminal counts against corrupt public officials from both political parties. Just imagine if all of that money went to making health care more affordable or public schools stronger. Nicole has never settled for things being the way they are and neither should you. Nicole has been the independent watchdog standing on the side of taxpayers, holding the powerful accountable to the people they serve, demanding transparency and fairness. The people of Missouri should know there is someone looking out for them. 

"" - Nicole Galloway

Nicole’s background isn’t in politics. She grew up in Fenton, and like so many Missourians she was raised to respect the value of a dollar. As a kid, Nicole liked and was good at math, so she went to Missouri S&T, majoring in applied mathematics and economics. Then Nicole attended Mizzou, where she earned her MBA and became a licensed CPA and eventually a Certified Fraud Examiner. Nicole went on to serve as Boone County’s Treasurer and then Missouri’s State Auditor. Today, Nicole lives in Columbia with her husband, Jon, and her three sons.