Nicole On The Issues

On The Issues

Protecting Missouri Taxpayers

Government With Integrity And Openness

For years, the system in Jefferson City has been rigged to favor the well-connected, who get what they want while average Missouri families continue to struggle. Corruption results in insiders dictating Missouri’s policy priorities, not the people.

Rebuild and Recover: An Action Plan to Address COVID-19 in Missouri

Auditor Galloway has put forward an action plan filled with concrete steps to ensure that the state can recover and rebuild from this virus. Urgency is needed to address this pandemic and put the state on the path to economic recovery.

Economy: A Missouri That Works For All

Nicole has spent her career fighting for taxpayers, finding corruption and wasted money so it can be invested in Missouri’s infrastructure, people and economic future. As Auditor, she will stop wasteful spending and corruption, helping Missouri’s economy and making it more attractive to businesses.