Right now, unless you’re well-connected, this Governor isn’t doing much to make a difference for you and your family. Your health care costs continue to rise. Good jobs are tougher to come by. Our public schools are getting squeezed - and it’s all happening while millions of your taxpayer dollars are given away, wasted or stolen each year.

I’m running for Governor to change all of that.

As Missouri’s State Auditor, I’ve been the taxpayers independent watchdog. I uncovered $350 million in wasted or stolen taxpayer money - and my audits led to 40 criminal counts against corrupt public officials. Just imagine if all of that money went to making health care more affordable or public schools stronger.

I’ve never settled that things are the way they are and neither should you. It’s time for a new approach.

We need to completely open up the system and make it totally transparent -- so you know exactly what’s happening with your tax dollars -- and then we can put state government back on the side of working families. The days of dark money, secret deals and back-slaps are over.

That’s the only way we’ll be able to take steps to make healthcare more affordable.

To make sure every child in this state, no matter what zip code they live in or how wealthy their family is, gets a great education.

To help workers get the skills they need to compete for jobs in this changing economy.

To have a government that respects your hard-earned money.

That’s not a Democratic agenda or a Republican agenda. That’s a Missouri agenda. And that’s the type of change we need.

But we’ll only get it if we completely change how Jefferson City works and who it works for.

My background isn’t in politics. I grew up in Fenton and like so many Missourians I was raised to respect the value of a dollar. I went to Missouri S&T, majoring in applied mathematics and economics, then to Mizzou, where I earned my MBA and became a licensed CPA and eventually a Certified Fraud Examiner. I developed a passion for rooting out fraud and making sure the numbers add up.

I went on to serve as Boone County Treasurer and then Missouri State Auditor.

Today, I live in Columbia with my husband Jon and our three sons, William, Benjamin, and Joseph.

As your Auditor, I’ve been the outsider in Government; standing on the side of taxpayers, holding the powerful accountable to the people that they serve, demanding transparency and fairness.

The people of Missouri should know there is someone looking out for them. That’s what you deserve, and it’s why I’m running to be your Governor.

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