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Nicole Galloway fighting for you.

Fighting for a #NewWay

Right now, unless you’re well-connected, Governor Parson isn’t doing much to make a difference for you and your family. Your health care costs continue to rise. The quality of education continues to drop. Good jobs are tougher to come by. It’s all happening while millions of your taxpayer dollars are given away, wasted or stolen each year. Nicole Galloway is running for Governor to change all of that.

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When Nicole is Governor, the days of dark money, secret deals, back-slaps and wasted taxpayer dollars are over. That’s the only way we’ll have a state budget that reflects our state’s priorities: to make health care more affordable; to ensure every child in this state receives a great education; to help workers get the skills they need to compete for jobs in this changing economy; to have a government that respects your hard-earned money. That’s not a Democratic agenda or a Republican agenda. That’s a Missouri agenda. It’s a New Way agenda.

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Nicole Galloway for Missouri


Auditor Galloway calls for comprehensive, universal testing in high-risk environments as part of Governor Parson’s phased reopening

Columbia, Mo. — Auditor Nicole Galloway is calling on Governor Parson to implement a comprehensive strategy of universal testing to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in high-risk, congregated environments, such as food processing, manufacturing, and long-term care or nursing facilities. Galloway argues for a preventative approach to testing before outbreaks occur and greater transparency for Missouri workers and families.

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